AFI is proud to introduce our new line of Throttle body fuel injection kits

The optimum series is our new line of throttle body injection kits that retain the advantages of affordable fuel injections’ Legacy throttle body injection kits. Such as ease of installment, start-ability and reliability, general improvement in fuel economy when compared to an identical carbureted vehicle, no need to adjust for elevation changes, and the option for ECM controlled spark advance.

The new Optimum series also offers many new options to optimize your vehicles capabilities. Such as a new ECM that is “under hood” capable. Rated at an operating constant temperature of 230°F and fully waterproof You now have the option to mount the ECM almost anywhere. The optimum series is also equipped with OBDII diagnostics and allows you to further tune the programming to suit your needs such as modified engines and cam shafts.

There are even further improvements we have made to our Optimum series when compared to our Legacy system allowing more options such as EGR control, oil pressure and high temperature control, a custom rpm boost for vehicle accessories, and electronic return less fuel system.

Last but by no means least The optimum series features a wide band O2 sensor allowing for this kit to be a self learning system.