LS Series Gen III Engine Operation System

Starting From 695.00


LS by AFI introduces a new and innovative entry into the hot LS marketplace. AFI’s LS engine operation system is equally suited for stock engine transplants and available for boosted or perspective boosted applications. If you are considering a turbocharger or supercharger, or are building with either, AFI has you covered. Set up totally as a speed/density application there is no need to use a mass air flow sensor. AFI offers the option to Incorporating a “TMAP” (integrated MAP and IAT) sensor which makes the possibilities endless, and configurations are unique to your project. With this option you are no longer restricted with air inlet configurations which do not always fit your project.

Backed by over 30+ years of engine development and calibration experience, both OEM and aftermarket, AFI is here to help you with your LS transplant project. With innovation and expert tech support you have come to expect, from the brand that has earned your trust.



CA emissions

If you are required by your state to pass an emissions test, please contact us before ordering.
Estimated lead time is 3-6 weeks.