AFI offers many different ways of building a kit around your distributor preferences. There are some, however, that fuel injection just cannot work with. One example is the points distributor. If your vehicle has a points distributor you will need to convert the distributor to a petronix electronic setup or opt for us to include a new distributor.

If your distributor is electronic we can work with your distributor. You need to first identify which ignition module you have in your distributor. We do this by counting the pins on the module. If your distributor has a vacuum advance module on the side of it you most likely have a four pin module. We can still work with these distributors by adding a tach filter to the harness. This tach filter cleans up the rpm signal coming from the distributor and allows the ecm to read the signal as a reference signal only. This means that this method does not allow for ECM controlled spark. This option is a fuel control only system and still relies on the mechanical advances in the distributor to control spark.

If your distributor has the gm 7/8pin module we can build the harness and program the ECM to allow for ecm controlled spark. ECM controlled spark is a faster method of controlling spark. This means a better throttle response and better dive-ability. If you elect to add a distributor with your kit we will work the included distributor so that the rpm signal is passed through the correct module that enables ecm controlled spark.

We can also work with the MSD box as it acts as the previously mentioned tach filter and cleans up the rpm signal so that the ecm can read it.

AFI also offers the option to add a DUI (Davis Unified Ignition) distributor to your kit. This is a pricey option but sometimes is the only option and is a good investment for your vehicle as DUI does phenomenal work with their distributors they offer. DUI distributors when ordered through AFI are outfitted with the correct 7/8pin module to allow for ECM controlled spark.

So there are many different ways to build a kit and each method is wired differently within the wire harness. We can re work a harness if a change is wanting to be made further down the line of the life of a vehicle but that will require the shipping back of the harness and in some cases the issuing of a new prom calibration within the ecm.