There are many different styles of distributors. This page will discuss the pickup styles of the main bulk of ignition systems on the market. Each style behaves differently and so we must program and wire a fuel injection kit per pickup style of the distributor or signal sending module.

Points distributors

Points distributors do not work with fuel injection. The signal wave the distributor puts out is not easily recognizable and an ECM (electronic control module) will not be able to get an accurate rpm signal. If your distributor looks like the pictures above you will need a different electronic distributor.

Electronic distributors

Electronic distributors contain an ignition module. Ignition modules most commonly have 4, 7, or 8 pins that wires connect to. These ignition modules put out a better tach signal that an ecm can read with a little help from a filter we build into the harness to further clean up the rpm (tach) signal providing the ECM with a good clean signal.

Hall Effect distributors

Hall Effect distributors contain a Hall Effect pickup module. These distributors are most easily identified by their metallic disk with tabs pointing downward passing THROUGH a pick module and not PAST a pickup module like the above standard magnetic induction distributor. These distributor most commonly found in marine applications are accompanied by their own advance module. We still use a tach filter to clean up the RPM (tach) signal.