Holley Sniper EFI self-tuning fuel injection systems delivers many of the benefits end users are looking for in an EFI conversion.  Ease of installation, self-tuning and the ability to tune the engine yourself with a handheld input screen.  With the ECU mounted directly to the throttle body, there is no need to remotely mount the ECU.

Each of these systems include an internal fuel pressure regulator (preset to 58.5 psi), eliminating the need of plumbing an external regulator.  Returnless fuel systems are also available for these units.  Please contact AFI for more details if you would like to explore this possibility.

When you purchase your Holley Sniper from AFI, you will not just receive your system in a box that you need to figure out, like you would with the mass merchandisers.  AFI will set up your unit to the engine specifications that you provide when ordering.  This will allow you to bolt the system on and start it up without having to go through or try to figure out the set-up process; that is already done for you.

AFI will be your tech support on this system with expert Holley trained and ASE certified technicians. 

AFI also offers a fuel line kit in either rubber hose or Braided Stainless Steel depending on your desired underhood look and application.

Units are available in Shiny, Black and Gold to meet your requirements.