The Gen III EFI system incorporates all new components, no remanufactured items are used.

Featured also with the GEN III EFI system are several state of the art controls, strategies designed to reduce maintenance costs and protect many of the components of the system.

These include:

  • 30% Improvement in Fuel Economy over Carburetor (see fuel usage study)
  • Eliminates Velocity Governor
  • User Defined Maximum Engine RPM Limit
  • Eliminates Throttle Cable
  • Engine Over Temperature Protection
  • RPM Lift Control through single switch ideal for belt loaders, loaders, de-icers.
  • Variable RPM set points for stationary engines such as heat carts and gen sets.
  • Full OBDII diagnostics provides for no special diagnostic tools.
  • Electric Fan Control (available)
  • Battery Saver feature (available)
  • Unattended Idle Shut Down (available)
  • Low Oil Shut Down (available)
  • Low Fuel Shut Down (available)
  • In tank fuel pumps (available)
  • ECM controlled engine cranking (available)


AFI has designed OBDII diagnostics into the software. This allows the service technician to use standard over the counter equipment to service the unit. Full generic OBDII codes, protocol and engine operational data can be retrieved from any CAN based OBDII scan tool.

Low fuel shut down allows for the protection of the fuel pump, starter and ring gears. A warning lamp tells the operator when the fuel is getting low. If the warnings are ignored after a period of time (pre-determined customizable times available) the engine will shut down

Low oil pressure shut down helps protect the engine by shutting it down when oil pressure is too low. This could save the engine from overheating and seizing in the case that an oil line leaks or the engine is running low on oil.

High coolant temperature shut down can also help protect the engine from overheating and seizing due to coolant leaks, low coolant levels or a bad water pump.

battery saver feature is also available. This feature will automatically shut down all of the accessories on a vehicle if the key is left on with the engine not running. This feature can also be customized to any value (# of minutes) that you desire.

Electric fan control can be included in the ECM which can allow you to gain horsepower and save fuel by switching from a mechanical fan to an electric fan. The ECM uses the coolant temperature sensor to determine when to turn the fan on and off.

The engine speed limiter will control maximum engine speed to FAA maximum vehicle speed limits or user defined limits based on usage.

Integrated into the low fuel shut down is smart start which will not allow the operator to restart the vehicle until the fuel is filled. This saves on starters and ring gears and unnecessary down time. This action also keeps the fuel pump from running dry so as to not burn it out. Low fuel shut down and smart start are standard with the emissions option to protect the catalytic converter.

ETC has allowed for simple switch control to command engine speed for stationary engine applications or conditions where an RPM lift speed is needed.  With the single flip of a switch the RPM can lift to a specific predetermined RPM.  A second switched input into the ECM can allow for user controlled engine RPM increment or decrement which can be useful for heat carts and other applications where variable RPM control is still needed.