AFI is pleased to release its next generation fuel injection system for the Ford 300 I-6 engine found in many GSE applications.

This next generation (Gen III) EFI system incorporates the latest state of the art engine controls and continues with the successful introduction of AFInjection© to the market. AFInjection© is an AFI proprietary fueling strategy developed in co-operation with the engineers at AFI, Roush Industries and New Eagle and was first introduced with AFI’s Gen II EFI system.  This level of fuel control strategy allows for the precise fueling required from a Throttle Body Injection unit to meet the stringent exhaust emissions standards now being required by the E.P.A. and C.A.R.B.

AFI’s Gen III system incorporates Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) which has allowed for the removal of the mechanical velocity governors used to control top engine speed.

AnElectronic Returnless Fuel System (ERFS) has also been designed into this latest level of EFI system allowing for a single fuel line connection to the throttle body.  Fuel tank temperatures and evaporative emissions are reduced with the incorporation of  ERFS.

The GEN III EFI system has been tested and will be available in a fully exhaust emissions certified version meeting both Federal EPA Tier II and C.A.R.B. Level 3a Retrofit standards.

The heart of meeting these stringent standards is the result of the combined efforts with BASF and AFI engineers. The three-way catalyst used in all of the certified versions of the GEN III EFI unit is designed specifically for the Ford 300 engine and the GSE application. The combination of this specially designed catalytic converter combined with the AFInjection© fueling strategy allows compliance with the stringent standards required.