Fuel Injection has also been shown to reduce fuel consumption on baggage tractors when tested against the same engines fitted with both a carburetor and an AFI fuel injection system. The following tests were performed back to back on baggage tractors equipped with a carburetor, then converted over to an AFI fuel injection system and the same tests performed again.

Test procedure and conditions:
All engines were fitted with velocity governors set to 2600 RPM.
The current carburetor was maintained for the first test.

Fuel fill
One hour WOT operation towing 9,000 lbs. of baggage trailers.
Fuel fill to determine fuel usage
One hour of no trailer load operation at WOT.
Fuel fill to determine fuel usage
One hour of engine idling in neutral

Engines were fitted with AFI fuel injection and the same tests were conducted.

Fuel usage results:
Over a 3 hour period the vehicles fitted with a carburetor consumed 1.67 gal/hour.
Over a 3 hour period the same vehicles fitted with EFI consumed 1.14 gal/hour.

Test results indicate 32% less fuel consumed with an EFI fitted vehicle compared to the carburetor.