Our goal is to provide retrofit fuel injection systems for aftermarket applications which are affordable, unique, and consistent with the customer’s individual needs.

Affordable Fuel Injection (AFI) was founded in 1997 with one goal in mind: offer fuel injection systems that allow superior performance to traditional carburetor systems, for a variety of applications, and make it affordable. The foundation of AFI is expertise. This expertise comes from over 35 years of combined experience in both OEM and aftermarket automotive design and development.  AFI’s owner is retired from a major automotive manufacturer where he has developed fuel injection systems from the simplest to some of today’s most advanced controls.  AFI’s expertise is unmatched in the automotive aftermarket and you can trust us to provide everything necessary to add fuel injection to your project.

Affordable Fuel Injection is currently developing many exciting new products that are unprecedented in the automotive aftermarket. We are developing a proprietary engine controller as well as a unique new throttle body that will be able to replace current “core and used” throttle body injection units. Whether you are considering fuel injection for industrial use, street rod, off road, marine or any other application, AFI has a solution for you.

Our Story….

“Offer fuel injection systems that allow superior performance to traditional carburetor systems, for a variety of applications, and make it affordable. “
– Affordable Fuel Injection’s mission statement, 1997

There is nothing that makes us more proud than the fact that this statement is as true today as it was in 1997. Wow, what a journey it has been! 20 years ago this month Affordable Fuel Injection grabbed a sector of the specialty automotive aftermarket and ran with it, offering quality systems and components for a variety of applications at the best prices. And we didn’t stop there! At the helm was the experience and expertise to offer the best technical support for our customers.

This little company launched its first series of fuel injection systems for classic autos, rock crawlers and watercraft, and the popularity of those systems made the market sit up and notice. Soon we caught the keen interest of airline ground support executives in the nation’s top tier airlines. They needed a simplified, easy to install fuel injection conversion for the thousands of carbureted baggage tractors, heat carts and belt loaders in service country-wide. They needed less down-time, less maintenance, reliability and they got it with AFI’s Generation I TBI System for the Ford 300 I-6 engine. Airline Executives asked for a “Greener” Footprint and called on AFI’s engineering experience with emissions to develop an EPA and C.A.R.B Certified engine for the Ford 300 I-6.

AFI has invested in engineering development throughout its 20 year history and the EPA/C.A.R.B. Certification was no exception. Following the market successes of our Gen I TBI systems we developed Gen II and eventually the Gen III TBI that brought Drive By Wire technology to the scene. Industry operations managers wanted shut- down options for low oil, low battery and low fuel to decrease maintenance even further and AFI provided it to them. Independent studies conducted by the University of Minnesota demonstrated a 29.4% increase in fuel economy with the Ford 300 I-6 EFI conversion saving airlines millions in fuel costs. We could not have done it without partners such as New Eagle, LLC and Roush Industries providing software and engineering support along the way.

Always with an ear to the market, in order to diversify our product line, AFI added to our anchor TBI and MPFI product lines with the development of our highly successful LS by AFI. Product Development Manager Andy Betz worked with AFI Engineer Norm Witte to bring this technology to the market for the company. Andy Betz soon saw the LS division as something he would like to take to the next level on his own so he purchased the division in September 2016.

Of course, AFI continues to keep pace with the market. In our 20th year we will launch our newest development in self tuning system controls with the AFI Optimum Series for classic muscle cars as well as marine applications. Optimum EFI and Optimum Marine offer the latest in ECM technology, and as always at an affordable price. All of our products continue to be backed by our guarantee and complete technical support.

As we celebrate 20 years we feel so grateful for our dedicated employees, valued customers, dealers, suppliers and friends. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!